V-neck Dolman plain border pocket T-shirt

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V-neck Dolman plain border pocket T-shirt

Thin, smooth and comfortable skin texture and

soft texture are comfortable ♪

Simple T-shirt has arrived

. Plain and border, 2 types to choose from.

Breast line pocket is

accented with beauty line V neck .

Stretch material and comfortable fit in a comfortable size!


single piece that shows nuances with a sense of familiarity with Dolman sleeves .

A sense of length that hides hips is also attractive.

Simply put on a smooth,

basic item that can also be used as a sarope's inn.

Because there is a texture that is crunchy,

it is perfect for the West Inn!

※ The

actual product and the color may look different depending on the lighting at the time of shooting, and the monitor and PC environment being viewed.

Please note on your purchase.

Product Details

Size and capacity Reference size: M

Length: 62 cm

Width: 58 cm

Hem Width: 58


Cuff: 17 cm Length : 38 cm

standard Material:

Polyester 62% Rayon 33% Polyurethane 5% グ レ ー


Cotton 80% Rayon 15% Polyurethane 5%


Stretchability: Yes Sheer

feeling: White, White x Black, White x Navy In

Fabric thickness: Thin

skin texture :

Others that are kidnapping: Troated materials with a sense of falling

Country of origin:


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