The Matsuge Biyou-Eki (Lash Serum)

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The key to eyelash care. It is the blood flow environment of the eyelid.

In order to grow eyelashes so that soil improvement is essential for good growth like plants, it is important to prepare an environment for the eyelids that are the soil.

Flowfushi's The Eyelash Essence is a new eyelash essence that is applied to the entire eyelid .

Eyelash essence formulated with “End Mineral” Contains “End Mineral”, a unique lashline essence ingredient.

Grow soil for eyelashes.

Easy! Apply once a day with your finger on the eyelid

Easy! Apply once on the eyelid once a day

●Use once a day at the end of the night skin care.

● Apply on the eyelids and eyelashes with the ring finger.

● usage, rice per one eye 1 seed size rich moisture penetration, can also be used as an eye cream luxury formulated cosmetic ingredients,and care under the eyes, eyelids, the corner of the eye.

Leads to a fluffy eyelid, clean eyes, and a youthful impression.

further! Can also be used on eyebrows

● If used in the morning, the moisturizing cream will improve the makeup of your eye makeup.

● Can also be used on eyebrows.

A natural eyebrows that are not just drawn.

* Hair does not grow on the eyelids. The hair root is in the dermis and is wrapped in a hair follicle.

Since hair follicles are not newly made after humans are born, they do not grow where hair is not originally planned.

Compatibility with eyelash extensions ◎ Eyelash extensions that place a heavy burden on your own eyelashes.

Carefully enjoy makeup with a gel-like serum that won't damage the extension.

Easy! 3 step massage

Gently slide the upper and lower eyelids along the bones around the eyes from the eyes to the temples.

Lightly press the three points A, B, and C.

After sliding your finger in the same way as in Step 1, finally press the temple lightly to finish. I feel a little warm when I massage.

Airless container is used to keep it clean

Adopted airless container that does not return clean air.

You can keep it clean throughout the period of use. This is a product that is gentle on the skin with 10 free items that are sensitive to the eyes .




Alcohol free

No synthetic coloring

Artificial fragrance free

Non-mineral oil

Surfactant free

UV scattering agent free


Aim! 8mm eyelashes!

The average Japanese eyelash is 6,8mm. Westerners are 8,1mm. Try to promote eyelid blood flow and aim for 8mm eyelashes that everyone can rub. Approach each of the eyelash growth cycle, “rest period”, “growth period” and “regression period” "8mm" eyelashes that combine strength, thickness, volume and length!

Check Hari Kosi after 2 weeks!

□ How easy is it to apply the buhler?

□ How high is the eyelash?

□ How good is the mascara liquid?

☆ A total of 150,000 Mote Mascara challenge for 60 days! Experience 84% of the

results of growing your own eyelashes during makeup !

* Implementation period June 12 to October 31, 2013

☆ 97% experience in developing the eyelash beauty serum eyelashes from Flowfushi !

* According to the flowfushi monitor

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