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Orihiro Plant enzyme capsule

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85 kinds of plant materials !! 64 wild grass, 10 kinds of fruits, 9 kinds of vegetables, 2 kinds of seaweed

1) 85 kinds of plant materials

64 kinds of wild grass, 10 kinds of fruits, 9 kinds of vegetables, and 2 kinds of seaweed are used in total of 85 kinds of plants. Ceramic pots used for aging have a far infrared effect and a slight breathability, and allow the plant extract to age while breathing. 100mg of fermented plant extract is blended into one tablet daily amount.

2) Plant-derived lactic acid bacteria 10 billion pieces / 1

plant enzyme plus ingredients that can be expected to have an intestinal adjustment effect. You can ingest 1 yoghurt (as 100g / cell) of lactic acid bacteria with 1 tablet daily amount.

3) Easy-to-use

soft capsule This soft capsule type does not care about the taste or smell.

4) 60 tablets for 60 days For 2 months,

this product contains lactic acid bacteria in fermented and fermented plant extracts of fermented and aged 85 kinds of plants such as wild grass and vegetables, and finished into easy-to-use soft capsules. It is recommended for people who have irregular lives and those who tend to have irregular diets.

Product Details

Size and capacity Contents: 60 tablets (1 tablet 450 mg / content 300 mg) Contents

: 48 x 1

shelf life: 2 years

standard [Raw materials]

safflower oil, plant fermented extract powder (dextrin, oligosaccharide, sugar, sugar beet, etc , Lecithin, (A part of the raw materials include apples, potatoes and soybeans)

[Main ingredient content]

Fermented vegetable extract powder 100 mg, Plant-derived lactic acid bacteria (sterilized) 10 billion units

Notes [How to eat]

● As a guide to one grain per day, please enjoy with water or hot water. ● Customers who use for the first time, please enjoy from a small amount. ● Please follow the recommended daily intake amount

[Preservation method, precautions]

● Direct sunlight, heat and humidity, please save in a cool place. ● After opening the zipper tightly closed, please save and enjoy early regardless of the shelf life. Please keep out of reach of children ●. ● If you do not fit your physical condition, please discontinue use. ● If you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or are being treated for illness, please consult your doctor before serving. ● Please refrain from use for small children.

食 Dietary balance is based on staple food, main dishes, side dishes, and balance of meals

[Free Shipping] Plant Enzyme Capsule | Orihiro |

It is written as a capsule, so I thought the content was powder, but the real thing was a little hard grain. It seems to be effective for me of constipation
I have been drinking for a couple of weeks, and a little bit of communication ...

I feel like I've got a little better after about 2 weeks of drinking. I will try to continue as it is.
Bargain price, free shipping

I took it for a month and I didn't know the effect, but I was very grateful to take the enzyme at a good price.
It has been three months since I started drinking it every morning. ...

It has been three months since I started drinking it every morning. It seems that you have improved your mind, but it may be an effect on the intestinal environment. I will continue for a while.
Diet effect also.

He has been drinking for about five years. Because it was constipation, the purpose was the cancellation, but there is a bowel movement every day. I was not thinking about dieting, but when I thought that I overeated, I might not be gaining weight, but it would also be effective for dieting.
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