Pigeon Medicated Lotion - Peach Leaf (200ml)

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A medicinal lotion with a moisturizing ingredient and a leaf extract.

Prevents rashes and skin roughness.

Contains moist leaf extract and aloe extract as moisturizing ingredients.

Easy to pick up and thicken easily. The skin is smooth and smooth.

For sensitive skin, it can be used all year round, from babies to adults, regardless of the season.

Weakly acidic, fragrance-free and non-colored. Paraben free.

Skin irritation tested. (Not all people have skin problems.)


<active ingredient> glycyrrhizic acid 2K, allantoin

<other ingredients> peach leaf extract, aloe extract-2 (derived from aloe vera), glycerin ethylhexyl ether, silicic anhydride , Xanthan gum, carboxyvinyl polymer, phenoxyethanol, potassium hydroxide, BG, purified water

effects and effects

○ Prevents rashes, moistness, cracks, redheads, acne

○ Skin tingling / peeling properties

○ Oily skin ○ Squeezing skin

○ Keep the skin healthy

○ Moisturize the skin ○ Prepare the skin

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