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PD Gymnema Diet

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Dietary support food recommended for those who like sweets and carbohydrates.

1) Gymnema sylvesta extract 500 mg formulation (5 tablets)

Gymnema is a herb recommended for those who like sweets and carbohydrates. This product contains 500 mg of 5 ingredients of Gymnasema sylvesta extract containing 10% of the useful ingredient Gymnema acid.

2) White kidney bean extract (Fabenol®), a combination of bamboo leaf extract and gymnema,

as well as carbohydrates and materials that support the diet of those who like sweets are blended.

3) Vitamin B1 to support sugar metabolism, Chromium

4) 5 tablets 30 days a day

This product is recommended to those who like sweets and carbohydrates that are compounded with white beans and mulberry leaves, mainly gymnema Diet support food.

Product Details

Size and capacity Contents: 150 grain

number: 48 × 1

shelf life: 2 years

standard [Raw materials]

Gymnema sylvesta extract powder, maltodextrin, white kidney bean extract powder, persimmon leaf extract powder, chromium-containing yeast, starch / crystalline cellulose, sucrose ester, processed starch, silicon dioxide, V. B1, shellac

[main component Compounding amount / in 5 tablets of products]

Gymnemema sylvesta extract 500 mg (containing 10% total gymnemic acid), white dry bean extract 100 mg (Fabenol®), persimmon leaf extract 50 mg

Notes [How to eat] Please enjoy it

with water or hot water to a standard of 5 tablets a day. ● Customers who use for the first time, please enjoy from a small amount. Please follow the recommended daily intake amount ●.

[Preservation method / precautions]

-After opening, close the chuck tightly and save, and enjoy as soon as possible. Please keep out of reach of children ●. There may be differences in color and flavor ● There is no problem with the quality. ● Please note that there is a unique astringent taste when biting. ● If you do not fit your constitution, please stop using it if you do not feel well. If you are being treated for illness, etc., or if you are pregnant or nursing, consult your doctor before serving. ● Please refrain from use for children.

食 Dietary balance is based on staple food, main dishes, side dishes, and balance of meals

This is the second time, but the response is fast (7/16) Order today (7/17) Delivery, I live in Saitama Prefecture, so it is close to your company, and products that are still necessary will be changed Thank you.
ps If there is a product catalog etc. of your company, it will be appreciated if you can enclose it with the product at the next time.
There is no problem at all.
It is useful because there is something more advantageous than buying at a real store, even with shipping included.
Rip rate is high.
And it is saved as shipping is early.
I think that it is good to contain various ingredients

I think that it is good to contain various ingredients
Because you eat too much, for a diet ...

As we overeat, we purchased for diet. I think that it is effective.
I arrived on the same day from the order and drank by haste ...

It arrived on the same day from the order and I drank it quickly. The effect has not come out yet, but I hope that it works immediately
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