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Orihiro - Nata bean tea

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100% roasted fragrant and delicious green beans

1) Iris beans 100%

Iris beans are also called sword beans because their sheath shape is similar to that of a sword. While young pods are used for pickles and other seeds, seeds are traditionally used for maintaining health.

2) 1 package 4g 14

) 3) Fragrant open flame roasted

beans are deliciously roasted and fragrant. There is no habit and it is a health tea that anyone can enjoy.

4) Easy-to-use tea bag type

5) Non-caffeine 6)

Pesticide residue 323 tested

This product is deliciously roasted and flavored using 100% latta beans. It is an easy-to-use tea bag so you can enjoy it daily. Please use it for your family's health management.

Product Details

Size and capacity Contents: 56g (4g × 14 package)

Quantity: 48 × 1

shelf life: 2 years

standard [Raw materials]

Nata beans * Country of manufacture: Japan Country of origin of raw materials: China

Notes [If you enjoy]

<If boiled and used>

Put this product into 500 ml of boiling water well, please boil for 3 minutes as a guide. When the color and smell come out, stop the fire and warm in the pot or chill in the fridge. Please adjust the cooking time according to your taste and color of tea. ※ Please do not leave the place because there may be boiling over.

<If you are using

a teapot > Pour this product into a warm teapot and pour in boiling water, steam carefully for about 3 minutes, and enjoy in your preferred concentration.

[How to save, Notes]

● After opening the seal tightly closed, carefully save moisture, please enjoy early. ● Please have boiled tea within one day. ● Please refrain from reusing tea bags once used. ● After extraction, if you leave the tea bag as it is, bitterness may come out, so be sure to take it out and transfer it to the pot. ● Since this product uses plants as a raw material, depending on the product may cause differences in flavor and color, but there is no problem with quality. An oily substance may float on the surface of the extract, but the lipid contained in the raw material is released. Moreover, although a precipitate may be seen, there is no problem in the quality. ● Because this product uses boiling water, please be careful about burns. ● Occasionally, you may not be fit, so please stop using if you are not in good shape. ● Please note that heating with a microwave oven may cause bumping (rapid boiling).

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