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Orihiro Citrulline + Arginine Mega Power 4000

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Those who want one more vitality, those who are concerned about going around, those who want to make their bodies

1) Realize citrulline and arginine power!

 Citrulline and arginine are both

 types of amino acids. Each of Citrulline is a component that has been newly used as a food material since 2007, and it strengthens the blood vessels and makes the circulation airy. Attention is given to those who become and those who want to live a lively life. Arginine is a material involved in body building, immunity, lipid metabolism, etc. It is used for nutritional drinks etc., and is widely used for products aimed at those who aim at improving muscle strength and those who are concerned about lack of vitality. Citrulline and arginine have good compatibility, and it has become a prescription that can be obtained by combining the two ingredients more somatic

2) Various support material combination

○ Maca ... cultivated as a nourishing food for more than about 1000 years, valuable Plant that has been used as a source of power

○ Krachai Dam ... a traditional herbal medicine that has been used in Thailand, etc. of origin, a material that is prized as a gift of God

○ royal jelly ... contains a wide range of various ingredients, Materials that have been used for fatigue recovery and physical condition management since long ago

○ Ezukogi · · · food excellent for recovery of fatigue · tonic · recovery of sexual function

· ginseng · · · work on physical fatigue as well as mental fatigue, heart Works from both sides of the body

3) zinc (nutritional food), vitamin B1, B2, B6 formulated

This product is a drink-type product that contains 2000 mg each of citrulline and arginine in one 50 ml bottle, and further contains 1000 mg equivalent of maca, and 2000 mg equivalent of Krachaidom, firmly combining ingredients that help to improve vitality. In addition to Royal Jelly, Ezukogi, ginseng, as well as multiple support materials recommended for those with lack of vitality such as zinc and vitamin B group, those who want one more vitality, those who are worried about visiting, body You can use it for the health maintenance of people who want to make things.

Product Details

Size and capacity Content: 50ML Unit number

: 50 x 1

shelf life: 2 years

standard [Raw materials]

glucose fructose sugar, L-citrulline, deproteinized royal jelly, maca extract, Ezoukogi extract, black ginger extract powder, ginseng extract / L-arginine, acidulant, cyclodextrin, flavor, glycine, zinc gluconate, Caffeine, Sweetener (Stevia, Acesulfame K), Preservative (Na benzoate), V.B2, V.B6, V.B1

[Main component blending amount / in 50 ml of product]

L-citrulline 2000 mg, L-arginine 2000 mg , Maca Concentrated Extract 50 mg (Maca 1000 mg equivalent), Krachai Dam Concentrated Extract 34 mg (Kurachai Dam 2 00 mg equivalent), Royal Jelly 100 mg, Ezoukogi Extract 50 mg, Ginseng Extract 25 mg

Notes [How to use]

Please enjoy one bottle per day as a guide. ● Because the precipitation derived from the ingredients will occur, please shake well before drinking. ● Please drink once after opening.

[Preservation method, notes]

● If you do not fit your constitution, and those who do not feel well, please discontinue use. If you are being treated for illness, etc., or if you are pregnant or nursing, consult your doctor before serving. ● Some products may cause differences in flavor and color, but there is no problem with quality. ● Be careful not to get injured at the cut end of the cap. ● Please do not freeze. ● This product does not cure the disease or improve health by high intake. Excessive intake of zinc may inhibit the absorption of copper, so be careful not to overdose. ● Please follow the recommended daily intake. ● Avoid taking this product for infants and children.

異 な り This product is different from food for specified health use and has not been individually reviewed by the Secretary of the Consumer Agency.

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