ORIHIRO - A global company delivering next-generation technologies for healthy lifestyle

Daniel Matsuyama

ORIHIRO has always expanded into new fields and has made progress in the food packaging machinery industry, which is carried by the machinery industry, and the health food industry, which promotes healthy lifestyles. 

Through ceaseless efforts, ORIHIRO has cultivated an environment of advanced technology meeting the needs of various fields and solidly supporting customer business activities. In addition, ORIHIRO contributes to society as an opinion leader, which drives technological innovation in the food packaging machinery and foodstuff industry.

Cooperation between our corporate divisions and affiliated companies has made possible a consolidated system that integrates activities such as planning, R&D, production, and sales. 
The combination of expertise and experience in a wide range of fields has allowed us to achieve safe and reliable manufacturing and to explore groundbreaking technologies. 

Accordingly, we regularly release new products ideally suited to an ever-changing market. From operation centers distributed throughout Japan, our products help to provide healthier lifestyles for people in the local community. 

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