Night diet tea Beauty 2g × 16 bags

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  • Product Introduction

    It supports women of beautiful easy-to-drink tea of ​​non-caffeine!

    1) support the beautiful women!
    To support the beautiful and healthy diet life, it is a blend tea containing a combination of multiple materials and components.

    [Hot breath] Kintoki ginger [amino acid] arginine, threonine, ornithine, glycine, lysine
    [Neat delicious] rooibos, candle bush, Tien-cha [Beauty Material collagen, rose hips, pearl barley

    2) Non-caffeine
    Rooibos is the tea of ​​non-caffeine was based. Such as the blending pearl barley and Tien-cha, and finish easy to drink.

    3) easy-to-use individually packaged tea bags
    Easy-to-use leash tea bag. Has become the individual package, it has become a convenient form to carry.

    This product is as Knight diet tea of ​​the series, we have formulated a new beauty materials. Collagen-specific component PO, the OG blended with dense collagen containing a high concentration, is recommended for women of beautiful. You have peace of mind even before you rest now able to use your tea of ​​non caffeine.

  • Product Use

    ● Pour the boiling water put this product one bag into a cup, please enjoy about 2 to 3 minutes carefully steaming.
    ● When using the teapot, pour hot water 200 ~ 250 ml with respect to this product bag, please enjoy steaming about 3 minutes.
    ● hot water amount and steaming time, please be adjusted by your choice.

  • Materials / Ingredients

    Rooibos, (including gelatin) candle bush, pearl barley, sweet leaf tea, rose hip, Fisshukoragenpepuchido, Kintoki ginger powder, carnitine / glycine, threonine, arginine, lysine

  • Precautions

    ● After the tightly closed sealed opening, and save the attention to moisture, please enjoy as soon as possible.
    ● brewed tea, please enjoy within one day.
    ● this product, we have formulated a candle bush. A guideline 1 to 2 cups about one day, please overdose refrain. Those traveling treated with disease, etc., are pregnant or nursing, please refrain from use of children.
    ● reuse of once tea bag that was used Please refrain from.
    ● This product is so we use the plant as a raw material, there may occur a difference in flavor and color depending on the product, but the quality is not a problem.
    ● it may on the surface of the extraction liquid float those of oil, but those lipids that are contained in the raw material is free.
    ● It may produce a precipitate or turbidity in the brewed tea, but the quality is not a problem.
    ● This product, please be careful not to burn yourself because you use the hot water.
    ● If you disagree with, those who physical condition is not good, please discontinue use.

    △ diet, the staple food, main dishes, the basic side dishes, the balance of the meal

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The shop's response was quick, packing was also polite. I also like the product.
Shipping is quick, I can buy the goods cheaper, I am satisfied. I want to repeat again
The order email was delivered, delivered immediately, ordered immediately and delivered in 2.3 days. Until now I went shopping at various shops and thought that mail was slower than normal, but it was quick to respond and I was very happy.

Rooibos tea with a sweet taste
It is a small package of a solid package one by one and has a sense of luxury.
The taste and incense seem to be a mixture of rooibos and yuzu tea. I do not know Ginger.
The tea pack is convenient because it does not have the concentration that you can drink.
Without caffeine, I can drink with confidence before going to bed. It will help if the price is a little cheaper.
It's so easy to drink
It is easy to drink. Because of the sweetness of the light green tea, you can taste it without adding sugar. I have a variety of ingredients, but there is no irresistible taste, there is no earthiness of that herbal medicine, no thorns of herbs, and a mellow and gentle taste, so I can drink as much as I like. In my case, although I want to drink rooibos, I will not be able to drink because I fall asleep as soon as I drank, and I will not be able to drink because I fall asleep, I will not continue even if I drink collagen, I am not familiar with the taste of rosehip tea It has been a lot of frustration, but it seems that this can be continued.
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