"Mukumicure" Knee-High Open-Toe Compression Socks (1 Pair), Size: M-L size

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  • Product Introduction

    Just by wearing "Mukumicure" Knee-High Open-Toe Compression Socks in your house, you can massage your calves and feet to reduce swelling. Increase the circulation of your lymph nodes with just the right amount of stimulation. The pile knitting of the arch section massages the sole of your foot. Improve your blood circulation! Machine washable.

  • Product Use

    1. Preface haul the socks, put a toe. 2. pulled up to the ankle Atari, align the position of the heel. 3. pulling up little by little with both hands. In this case, please wear to come in right behind the center of the four main line of socks. * It is considered more massage and walk wearing this product. * After wearing, you might after the unevenness of the article remains in the foot, to return to the original after a while.

  • Materials / Ingredients

    Nylon, polyester, cotton, acrylic, polyurethane

  • Precautions

    ● The following people, please consult your doctor. 1. Currently, those who feel the swelling and fatigue of the leg due to illness or injury. 2. higher blood pressure, people with disabilities, such as the heart, kidney. 3. Currently, those who are causing the itching and rash. 4. If you are that caused the blood circulation disorder. Please do not be too pulled up to take the socks to the knee back ●. There is likely to be bad blood circulation of the knee back. ● Please avoid the use of bedtime. ● Do not use the ones that do not fit the size. Or feel sick ●, itching, rash, please discontinue immediately your use if you feel an abnormality, such as pain.

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Dimensions (W x H x D):
18.0cm × 10.0cm × 4.0cm
Item Weight:
Shipping Weight:


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