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Minon Mild Facial Wash (100g)

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Product introduction

Product Description

“Minon Facial Wash 100g” is a facial cleanser formulated with vegetable amino acid-based cleaning ingredients.

Slightly fragrant, non-pigmented hypoallergenic, and slightly acidic as well as healthy skin. We also cut allergens as much as possible. The moisturizing wash removes dirt while keeping it moist, so it doesn't get washed up and moist. Keeps your skin healthy.

Recommended for those with sensitive skin, those whose face gets stuck after washing their face, and those with rough or neutral soap. In a tube.


water, myristoyl glutamic acid K, Bg, glycerin, PEg-400, lauric acid, stearic acid, hydroxylated K, fragrance

Raw materials / components

Water, myristoyl glutamic acid K, BG, glycerin, PEG-400, lauric acid, stearic acid, hydroxylated K, fragrance

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