Matcha Utage-no-shiro 40g (Seiseido)

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こ  く  ○○●○○○○ さっぱり

あまみ  ○○●○○○○ 渋み

Perfect richness--The brand we recommend for your first taste of Seiseido matcha

A subtle balance of matcha's natural umami flavor and a touch of astringency. Goes well with confections that are only slightly sweet.

The best matcha
This is my fourth matcha brand in several months. I had heard great things about Seiseido matcha, so I decided to try it. It was richer, frothier, and taster than any other I tried. MYJP was so helpful in shipping and had an amazing response team.
Great matcha
Love it, best mAtcha u can get!
Fantastic matcha. Bright green and smooth!
Seiseido Matcha - Best Matcha Ever
Delicious matcha!
Expensive but totally worth it!
Best matcha I’ve ever had!
Tastiest, smoothest and best energy from this matcha.
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