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Konjac Jelly - Grape (6 Pieces)

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Product introduction

Use 18% plenty of fruit juice.

Please enjoy the deliciousness of plenty of fruit juice along with the texture of strawberry jelly.

This product is a delicious and easy-to-use petite-sized strawberry jelly containing plenty of fruit juice.

Inhalation prevention form, anyone can enjoy easily.

Please enjoy as a quick snack when hungry.

It has become a delicious strawberry jelly while maintaining the conventional texture by devising the form.

This product has been changed from the conventional pillow-type jelly to a form that can be sucked out by pushing and eating.

This is a safe and secure form of jelly that can prevent the inhalation that is common in conventional cup-type jelly.

Please drink well while pushing out the contents so as not to clog the throat.

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