Japan Placenta Korean Ginseng Grain

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Support the beauty and energy that the body originally has

1) Place well with 5000 mg equivalent

Place well with plenty of popular place as beauty material 5000 mg equivalent equivalent Planter contains various nutrients such as various amino acids, peptides, minerals, vitamins, enzymes, sugars who not only, every day busy is also recommended to tired tend towards energetic support of

2) Hizen Yamato Soft-shelled turtle the end of material stuck to

Saga Prefecture Hizen Yamato turtle use turtle that has been grown in groundwater pumped from underground 50m is, vitamin・ Abundance of minerals, excellent amino acid balance, and rich in collagen, so it attracts attention as a nourishing food and as a good food for beauty as well

3) High absorption Fermented ginseng extract powder As an

excellent health food We use red ginseng that is rich in saponin among the ginsengs used from Saponin has a low bioavailability to, the absorbent is up by fermenting

4) 30 days 60 tablets containing

this product to the popularity of the placenta as a cosmetic material, a combination of soft-shelled turtle and ginseng of traditional materials, healthy It is a product to give out and clean out from the inside. Placenta is often used as a beauty material, but it has an excellent nutritional balance and is also recommended in terms of refreshment. Although supper and ginseng are traditional nourishing materials, in recent years their work on the beauty side has also been attracting attention. Every day I am beautiful and I support the beauty and energy that the body originally has.

Product Details

Size and capacity Contents: 60 Grain

count: 48 × 1

shelf life: 2 years

standard Ingredients

porcine placenta extract powder, turtle powder, ginseng extract powder, crystalline cellulose, hydroxypropyl cellulose, cyclodextrin, silicon dioxide, calcium stearate, colorants (titanium dioxide), glycerin

[main component amount <Product 2 tablets In the middle>]

Placenta extract powder 336 mg (placenta 5000 mg equivalent), Hizen Yamato supple powder 100 mg, fermented Korean ginseng extract powder 15 mg (equivalent to Korean ginseng 100 mg)

Notes [How to use]

● Please enjoy it with water or hot water as a guideline for 2 tablets per day. ● Customers who use for the first time, please enjoy from a small amount. ● Please follow the recommended daily intake.

[How to save, Notes]

● Avoid direct sunlight, heat and humidity, please save. ● After opening, close the chuck tightly and store it carefully, and use it early regardless of the shelf life. ● Keep out of reach of children. ● In rare cases, it may not be compatible with your constitution, so please stop temporary use if you do not feel well. ● If you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or are being treated for illness, please consult your doctor before taking. ● Please refrain from use for small children. ● Some products may show differences in odor, but there is no problem with quality.

食 Dietary balance is based on staple food, main dishes, side dishes, and balance of meals

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