Itoen Premium Teabag Green Tea with Matcha 50 Pieces

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Type: 50 bags of green tea with green tea

Product introduction

This tea bag product is made by adding luxurious green tea to the refreshing “fragrant green tea”.

100% domestic tea leaves are used to easily enjoy the taste of teapots .

Uses a triangular nylon bag. Because the filter has a rough eye, the taste, color, and aroma of tea are good.

Two bags of delicious tea bags.

Raw materials / components

Tea (green tea, matcha tea)

Just pour hot water into your favorite mug and put in a tea bag.

Which tea would you like to have today? Take a break in your favorite style.

Easy cafe feeling at home Premium tea bag series

Pong easily with tea bag

Just feel free to add a tea bag in the mood of the day

◆ Pot to hot water

Whether in the living room or office desk.

Just pour hot water into your favorite mug and put in a tea bag.

Features ① Triangle Nylon Tea Bag

Uses a triangular nylon bag with a good tea flavor.

Triangle Nylon Mesh Filter spreads tea leaves in tea bags, and the taste and color of tea are deep, and two cups are delicious in one bag. It is highly extractable and has a teapot-like taste, color, and scent directly. Extraction.

Characteristic ② Length of string

Premium tea bags are particular about the length of the string.

Convenient for my bottles, 1.6 times longer than conventional strings.

Patent acquisition (Patent No. 5001448)

Convenient for my bottles

Premium tea bags are delicious even when drained.

Place tea bags in my bottles and extract while commuting.

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