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Daniel Matsuyama
Japanese Tea

Tea needs to be fresh to taste the best. Why? Because tea is like fruits, it needs to be preserved and consumed in its best time. However, the reality is different. Customers on Amazon tend to complain that the Japanese teas they got from there don’t have desired quality. The reason is sellers on Amazon buy in large amount Japanese teas and store them in the warehouse for a long time, which reduce tea quality. This can be solved only by sending tea directly from Japanese supplier to customer’s hands. And that's what we - MYJP will do.

So how does traditional tea route work? It is a long one. It involves multiple middlemen. It takes between 6-8 months for teas, once produced, to reach the consumer. With MYJP, we work directly with the farms. So we reduced the routes from 5 steps to 2 steps only.

The best tea leaves will be chosen by experienced tea growers. They know to hand-select tea leaves for their texture, color, scent, and purity. Then tea leaves will be processed in only 24-48 hours after being collected to have the freshest quality. Teas are kept fresh by temperature-control environment before packaging. When you place an order, teas are delivered directly to you by MYJP from Japan.

MyJP works with local and find the best freshest tea for you. Directly. No distributor. That is how we bring values to you - from tea experts to complete novices—to experience the freshness, delicate aromas, flavors, and authenticity that fine loose-leaf tea has to offer.


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