Everywhere Bep future 150 day set Pearl white + 1 piece for replacement

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10 days
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It is an equipment set + pair set for replacement. ● One season without replacement. No battery or drug change for 150 days! ! Adoption of the latest eco-drive system allows use throughout the season when insects are concerned. There is no need to replace the battery along the way. ● Effectively up! The special cartridge spreads the drug efficiently, and the power of the special fan and motor realizes the effect of 3 battery units. (Fumaker company conventional product ratio)● Replacement is easy at once! When the battery runs out, replace the drug. Because it is a battery / drug integrated cartridge, replacement can be done only once and installation can be done with one touch. ● You can use anywhere in the house! There is no need for a power outlet so it can be placed anywhere. The excellent quiet design, I do not mind the sound of the fan placed in the bedroom. ● Battery-drug integrated cartridge. There is no need to replace medicines and batteries separately. ● The cartridge can be detached with one touch. ● If the lamp no longer turns on, replace it. Weep Line-up Insecticide Line-up The ingredients and package may change without notice. Please note. All products can be purchased from one! And it can be sent directly to the customer.

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