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Diet burdock tea

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Product introduction

Diet burdock tea to engincare which continues every day! !

1) Use burdock 100% 

clean and easy to drink While keeping the unique flavor of burdock, it is easy to drink as tea, sticking to the crushing method, temperature and time, etc. and roasted deliciously. By carefully roasting the washed burdock with skin, it is finished into a savory and savory burdock tea.

2) Using burdock with burdock

It is known that healthy ingredients such as polyphenols are contained in parts of plant peels such as vegetables and fruits. This product uses burdock as a whole to make it possible to take the ingredients of burdock as it is.

3) Non-caffeinated, 323 types of pesticide residue tested

4) Easy-to-use bag type It

is an easy-to-use form with a bag with a chuck.

This product uses the burdock with skin as it is, and has finished it into an easy-to-drink tea with a process of commitment. Recently, good diet has attracted attention, but it is hard to keep eating every day. It is recommended that you can taste delicious and usable tea, because it is easy to drink and easy to continue.

Product Details

Size and capacity

[Raw materials]

  burdock * Country of manufacture: Japan Country of origin of raw materials: China


Contents: 40 g (2 g × 20 packages)

Quantity: 40 × 1 

shelf life: 2 years


[If you enjoy]

<If boiled and used>

Put this product into 500 ml of boiling water well, please boil for 3 minutes as a guide. When the color and smell come out, stop the fire and warm in the pot or chill in the fridge. Please adjust the cooking time according to your taste and color of tea. ※ Please do not leave the place as there may be occasional spills.

<If using

a teapot > Put 1 package of this product in a heated teapot and pour in boiling water, and steam carefully for 3 to 5 minutes, and enjoy in the desired concentration.

[How to save, Notes]

● After opening the seal tightly closed, carefully save moisture, please enjoy early. ● Please have boiled tea within one day. ● Please refrain from reusing tea bags once used. ● After extraction, if you leave the tea bag as it is, bitterness may come out, so be sure to take it out and transfer it to the pot. ● Since this product uses plants as a raw material, depending on the product may cause differences in flavor and color, but there is no problem with quality. An oily substance may float on the surface of the extract, but the lipid contained in the raw material is released. Moreover, although a precipitate may be seen, there is no problem in the quality. ● Because this product uses boiling water, please be careful about burns. ● Occasionally, you may not be fit, so please stop using if you are not in good shape. ● Please note that heating with a microwave oven may cause bumping (rapid boiling).

Product has arrived. Thank you for the quick answer.
We purchased at store now, but there was not store selling in neighborhood when we moved, and we were troubled.
It took time for shipping but ...
The price is also cheap according to the content, the grain is not too big, and it seems to be easy to drink.
I think that it is good for families with poor physical condition to improve their immunity even by this.
I gave a present for the body.
I do not know the effect yet.
A fragrant recent favorite. Second time purchase ...

A fragrant recent favorite. It is the second purchase.
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