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DHC Health Food Vitamin B Mix, 60-Day Supply

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● High-quality, value-priced for everyday health support.

● Features a stronger blend of ingredients.

● Contains all eight B vitamins!

Vitamin B1: 40mg, Vitamin B2: 30mg, Vitamin B6: 30mg, Vitamin B12: 20μg, Niacin: 40mg, Pantothenic Acid: 40mg, Biotin: 50μg, Folic Acid: 200μg, Inositol: 50mg

● Great for maintaining skin health!

● Recommended for vitamin B deficiency!

● Contents: 120 tablets

● Materials/Ingredients: [Main Ingredients] inositol, calcium pantothenate, vitamin B1, niacin, vitamin B6, vitamin B2, folic acid, biotin, vitamin B12, [adjusting agent] starch, cellulose, glycerin fatty acid ester, shellac

● Size: 11 x 1.3 x 17cm

● Item Weight [G]: 18

● Made in Japan

● Brand Name: DHC

● Handling Precautions:

・High intake of this item will not cure disease or promote better health. Please observe the daily dose.

・This product is not a food for specified health use, and is not individually approved by the Secretary-General of Consumer Affairs Agency.

・Check the ingredients and do not take if you have an allergy.

・Avoid excessive intake. Be sure you do not exceed the daily dose.


We purchased at store before, but bought because this is cheaper. Because I buy with other products, the shipping fee is free and it is useful.
It was good to buy cheaply

Do you usually buy it at a local drugstore, etc.? When I ordered other products this time, I found that this is the sale price, so I ordered it together.
The manufacturer that had been drinking until now has been discontinued ...

The manufacturer that had been drinking until now was discontinued and was looking for something similar. The amount of ingredients is less than before, but it is almost the same, so I'm thinking of drinking this for a while. It is also good that the grains are small.
it is normal

Although the product is sold for 90 days only on the official site, it is for 60 days for general distribution, but there was no problem in particular. Is there a special meaning in the difference between the development for 30 days / 90 days and 20 days / 60 days? I don't care, but ... (laughs)
Because it is only vitamin B group ...

I took a variety of supplements, but the vitamins were taking multivitamins, but because I take glucosamines and calcium every day, I think I would take too much vitamin D, which would be harmful to my health. Only B group. I'm going to drink when I'm short of vegetables. I like it because it is cheap.
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