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DHC Blueberry Extract (20 Day Supply)

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Product introduction

[Caution] Please check the ingredients and do not eat if you have food allergies.

Plenty of anthocyanins for overuse & concentration fatigue! Blueberry extract rich in blue-purple natural pigment anthocyanin, marigold containing lutein, carotenoids and vitamin B. It works quickly and supports the feeling of wrinkles due to overuse and concentration fatigue. If you are watching a computer or TV screen for a long time, we recommend that you continue to take it.

◆ DHC policy ◆

If it is the same quality, it is always cheap.

If it is the same price, it is always high quality.

If it is not superior to other companies, it will not be commercialized.

This is DHC's policy of delivering health and safety.

Health food that supplements nutrients that are often lacking in daily eating habits.

DHC continues to develop thoroughly, focusing on quality to protect health and low prices that can be continued every day.

“Pursuing higher quality than anywhere else”

DHC's health foods are made with the aim of having the highest quality on the market.

In order to make it clear that high-quality raw materials are used and useful ingredients are blended, the

amount of ingredients and the ideal blend balance are pursued, and the recipe is constantly reviewed to improve quality.

◆ People who use PCs need attention

◆ According to a survey conducted by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, based on a survey on technical innovation and labor in 2008, the percentage of workers who use computer equipment at work is 68.6%.

The most common cause of fatigue is “eye fatigue / pain” (90.8%).

You thought, “I am so!”

Introducing the “viewing” support ingredients necessary for you.

◆ Help "see" and refresh! ◆

“Why are my eyes tired? 』When people see things, a substance called rhodopsin in the retina senses light and repeats decomposition and resynthesis to give a signal to the brain. But overuse and aging will reduce its work.

This is thought to cause eye fatigue and pain.

The blue-violet pigment contained in <Blueberry>, anthocyan, promotes rhodopsin resynthesis.

It is said to act quickly, helping to prevent and recover from fatigue.

-Paying attention to barrier power-

According to the announcement by the US Nutrition Research Institute, when the antioxidant power of about 40 kinds of fruits and vegetables was

measured, blueberries were the highest.

It is an ingredient that is expected to prevent age-related problems and disease.

◆ Easy blueberry habit with DHC supplements ◆

DHC supplement <Blueberry> is a blueberry extract rich in anthocyanins and contains marigold, carotenoids, vitamins B1, B2, B6, and B12 that contain a lot of lutein.

We support every day of modern people who tend to overuse. This is a recommended supplement for " one who often looks at the screen of a computer or mobile phone", "one who reads well", and "one with a lot of desk work". ~ Medicines in Europe ~ It is a well-known story that research on blueberries started because of the report of the British Air Force pilot that "when you eat blueberries, it looks good even in dim light ."

Since then, it has been shown to improve night vision and strengthen capillaries, and is also used as a medicine in France and Italy.

◆ Introducing the support ingredients to see according to your concerns ◆

In addition to blueberries, we will introduce other useful ingredients for “seeing”. "Lutein"-If you are concerned about the health of your vision due to aging-

A type of carotenoid contained in marigolds and green-yellow vegetables.

Many are present in the macular region at the center of the retina.

It reaches the back of your eyes and absorbs blue light from your computer or TV that damages the macula, reducing oxidation and acting like sunglasses.

For those who are worried about aging problems , look closely at mobile phone screens, and do not eat green and yellow vegetables.

Also recommended for middle-aged and older people.

Raw materials / components

[Main ingredients] Blueberry (bilberry) extract powder, carotenoid, marigold (containing lutein), vitamin B1, vitamin B6, vitamin B2, vitamin B12 [regulators] Perilla oil, beeswax

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