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belulu Aquarufa Gold (Glossy Black)

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The use of gold is said to be a beauty method most loved by Cleopatra for preserving her beauty. Water and ultrasonic vibrations bring out impurities from pores. A water peeling beauty appliance.

・Water Peeling: Sonic waves turn water into a mist state, blowing out and removing dirt from pores. Ion Derivation (Cleansing): Adsorbs impurities from the depths of pores, skin darkness and keratin plugs that cannot be removed easily by regular face washing. Iontophoresis: Allows beauty ingredients to penetrate deep into the skin. When applying serum, penetration power is increased approx. 20 times. Microcurrent: A weak current flow activates skin cells. This improves wrinkles & blemishes, and provides a lifting effect.

● Model No.: KRD1027G/BK

● Contents: Main Unit, USB Cable, AC Adaptor, Instruction Manual, Serum (50g)

● Rated Voltage: 5V/0.5A

● Ingredients/Materials: [Head Material] stainless steel + 24-karat plated finish (Surface portion), [Body Portion] ABS resin

● Size (cm): H (Height) 165mm x D (Depth) 15mm x W (Width) 53mm

● Weight (item only)[G]: 76

● Made in Japan

● Manufacturer Name: Beautiful Angel

● Handling Precautions: Apart from the metal plate portion, this item is not waterproof. Therefore, it cannot be used in the bathroom or while taking a bath.

I can take it! !
I ordered it on Sunday and it arrived on Wednesday morning with Monday between holidays.
I was surprised to find it very fast.

The product itself did not understand how to use at first, but as you use it, you will soon be able to see the angle.
It was difficult to use florets, but it was possible to change the angle and direction slightly.
I could see that the square plug could be removed, and I could almost get the roughness in one shot.

I was really happy to buy it.
Impression that I used it once every 2-3 days for 2 weeks.
Recently, when you measured skin moisture at a store, it was just a step closer to dryness.

When I was just shocked when I just bought a new lotion, I learned about water peeling and purchased it immediately!
I was very surprised the next day I used it that day.
Make your cheeks smooth with just one use! !
I am already impressed.

Now that two weeks have passed, the lotion on the skin will soon disappear, so I think it has penetrated.

The nose is clear and doesn't get very dirty, but I'm really happy that I bought it.
There was not much sense of getting dirty
I decided to buy it because I was curious about the pores.

It's only a few days since I started using it, but I can't confirm any dirt that might have been removed, but I think my skin has become smooth, so I want to continue using it.
After derivation of ions and water peeling, I felt like I was playing lotion until now, but now I am familiar with it.
It was easy to follow the nose and it was smooth.

I wanted to keep using it.
We prioritized and
purchased products with simple operation, LED that does not touch skin directly because of acne trouble .
The rest is expected to be effective.
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