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Orihiro Bear Ao soup

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hokkaido from Bear Grass of the natural and rich soil, rich land is Hokkaido, bear grass. - Selected natural bear grass for carefully washing, drying and unique without compromising the technology and processes of the flavoured powder. - high nutrition ingredient in a rich blue juice, Hokkaido and naturally into the air to bigger than bear grass leaf measures, thin leaves, general, bear grass, amino acids and mineral nutrients useful ingredients including balanced. The fibre in sweet potato contains approximately 29.3 times. The form of soluble fibre and a flame extinguishing Maltodextrin from The Extra Fibre. In the meantime. ● Clean the sheepskin and a unique sweet and useful as a 'delicious', 'easy flow' Blue Juice available. - Nitrogen filled; Keep fresh easy to use granules.

Product introduction

If you are not familiar with the taste and can not use other green juices! Those who are concerned about the communication!

1) Using Hokkaido bears,

which are rich in soil and rich in natural environment from Hokkaido bear bears.

  We carefully washed and dried carefully selected natural bear lees, and powdered it without losing the flavor of the material by our unique technology and process.

2) Nutrient-rich green juice

Bear leaf that grows naturally in Hokkaido's harsh natural environment is larger in size and thickness than common bear buds, and it has a good balance of useful nutrients of amino acids and minerals includes. In addition, it is recommended for those who are concerned about communication because it contains dietary fiber about 29.3 times as sweet. Furthermore, it is formulated with indigestible dextrin, which is a kind of water-soluble dietary fiber, to strengthen dietary fiber.


 There is no peculiarity easy to drink neatly , it has its own sweetness, and it can be used as "delicious" "easy to drink" green juice.

4) Nitrogen filled with freshness It is

a green juice using the leaf of a bear which inhabits the harsh environment of Hokkaido. Natural bear crabs carefully selected and collected are excellent in nutritional balance, and in particular, they are rich in dietary fiber and chlorophyll. In addition, because it is a material with a unique sweetness, it is easy to drink without a habit and clean, you can use it deliciously even if you were not familiar with the traditional taste of green juice. The delicious green juice with plenty of dietary fiber can help to maintain the health of those who tend to get stuck, who care about body odor and bad breath.

Product Details

Size and capacity Contents: 42g (1 package 3g x 14 packages)

Quantity: 24 x 1 

shelf life: 2 years

standard [Raw materials]

bear powder, indigestible dextrin, paste (pullulan)

[Nutritional ingredient indication <3g product>]

calorie 7kcal, protein 0.25g, lipid 0.11g, carbohydrate 0.20g, dietary fiber 2.14g, sodium 0.17 mg

Notes [If you enjoy]

● 1 package per day as a guide, please enjoy dissolving in your favorite drink such as 100cc water and hot water. ● This product has a tendency to sink in water, please stir well. ● Customers who use for the first time, please enjoy from a small amount. ● Please follow the recommended daily intake.

[How to save, notes]

● Direct sunlight, heat and humidity, please save in a cool place. ● Please use the opened package at one time. Please keep out of reach of children ●. ● Please fill in the opening date and use it. ● In rare cases, you may not be fit for your constitution, so please stop temporary use if you do not feel well. If you are being treated for illness, etc., or if you are pregnant or nursing, consult your doctor before taking. ● Please refrain from use for infants. ● This product uses plants as a raw material, so there are differences in color, taste, smell, etc. depending on the product, but there is no problem with quality. ● If you put it in the mouth as it is, you may get stuck in the gutter. Please be sure to mix it with your drink. 食 Dietary balance is based on staple food, main dishes and side dishes, and balance of meals.

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The taste was delicious without being bothered at all. It is good that it is a package.
Although the effect has not been realized yet, it seems that the ingredients are superior to kale and barley young leaves, so it is expected from now on. There is a little greenish but I am not worried. I think that if you add a little honey to milk and drink it, you can continue drinking it deliciously.
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