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About 2200 mg of total amino acids ☆ Includes all 20 types of amino acids ☆

1) Topical amino acid: approximately 2000mg included

2) Excellent amino acid balance,

containing 20 types of amino acids Contains 20 types of amino acids including 9 types of essential amino acids.

3) Soy peptide (enzymatic degradation process) which can be easily absorbed by

the body It can be supplemented in the state of "peptide" which is easily incorporated into the body where 2 to 4 amino acids are used .

4) 7 kinds of amino acids

fortified were incorporated with valine, leucine, isoleucine, arginine, methionine, tryptophan and cystine.

5) Vitamin B1 and B6 fortified compound

is fortifying vitamins necessary for effective use of amino acids. Amino acids are the most basic substances that make up our body. It is usually taken from the diet as a protein, but to maintain health it is important to have a diet that supplements the protein source with a good amino acid balance.

This product is a supplement that contains various essential amino acids and is rich in various amino acids and two kinds of vitamins, with soy peptide (enzymatic decomposition treatment) excellent in digestion and absorption as its main component. People who are dieting, who tend to be biased, or who are strenuously exercised, have many uses. Please use it for your daily nutrition and health management.

Product Details

Size and capacity Contents: 75 g (about 250 tablets) Contents

: 24 × 1

shelf life: 3 years

standard Ingredients:

Soy peptide, soy protein purified product, maltodextrin, starch / sucrose ester, arginine, leucine, isoleucine, valine, methionine, tryptophan, cystine, lecithin, V.B6, V.B1

[Amino acid content (analysis Example) / 10 products (3.0 g)

arginine 196 mg, lysine 135 mg, histidine 58 mg, phenylalanine 115 mg, tyrosine 80 mg, leucine 185 mg, isoleucine 113 mg, methionine 37 mg, valine 116 mg, alanine 89 mg, glycine 119 mg, proline 119 mg, glutamine + Glutamic acid 420 mg, Serine 110 mg, Threonine 83 mg, Asparagine + Aspartic acid 254 mg, Tryptophan 42 mg, Cystine 40 mg

[Vitamin content / in 10 tablets]

Vitamin B1 0.9 mg, Vitamin B6 0.9 mg

Notes [How to use]

● Please enjoy 10 tablets daily with water or hot water. Please follow the recommended daily intake amount ●.

[Preservation method / precautions]

● After opening, put the lid tightly in the outer box and save, please enjoy as soon as possible. Please keep out of reach of children ●. ● Please fill in the opening date and use it. ● If you do not fit your constitution, please stop using it if you do not feel well. ● If you are being treated for illness etc, please consult your doctor before taking. ● Please refrain from use for small children. ● Extreme diet restrictions are dangerous when dieting. Please keep in mind a regular diet and exercise in your life.

食 Dietary balance is based on staple food, main dishes and side dishes, and balance of meals.

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