ALBION Medicated Skin Conditioner Essential - 330ml

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Product Name: Albion Medicinal Skin Conditioner Essential


: 330ml Ingredients Display: Dipotassium Crityl Litinate, etc.

How to Use: For morning and evening care, face wash → after latex, add plenty of cotton, lightly putting on the entire face Apply to.

Cleans clear skin and makes it bright and clean.

Prevents hot and cold fires that prevent sunburn, snow and fire.

Prevents makeup loss that irritates the skin.

The sebum that prevents acne is clean and non-sticky.

Fresh skin feels moisturized, refreshing & comfortable.

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Good thing. Thank you very much.
Shampoo and a thing with the treatment entered this time and thought whether you began it wrong. I was lucky. It was good to purchase here. スキコン is the thing which I always purchase and goes with my skin.
I was slightly sorry that it was only a skin care cosmetic unlike the 🥺 photograph which was shampoo and treatment when I thought.
I take it for and purchase it
Good thing. Thank you very much.

Good thing. Thank you very much.
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