310 g of placenta C jelly (10 g of *31 Motoiri) which is fully moistened for one month

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Contents: 10gx31
Product size (width x depth x height): 10.0cmx5.2cmx14.2cm
Type: Jelly

Product introduction
● One day for 31 days. We will help you every day with plenty of moisture.
-Placenta has been used in many fields since ancient times, and is a material familiar to us. This "Placenta C Jelly" is a stick-type beauty jelly that allows you to easily take such placenta extract anytime, anywhere.
・ Not only placenta but also 7 components such as collagen and swallow's nest.
・ Non-caffeine. In addition, you can continue to enjoy delicious with juice (20% mango juice).

・ Consume one bottle per day as a guide.
・ Do not use if you are unsuitable or have food allergies.
・ Consume immediately after opening.
・ This product may melt at high temperatures.
・ Contents may agglomerate, but there is no quality problem.
・ Do not freeze or heat. The bag may be damaged.
・ Do not use for infants and young children.
・ Be careful not to cut your hand or mouth with the opening or opening of the bag.

Raw materials and ingredients
【raw materials】
Mango juice, erythritol, swine collagen peptide, swine placenta extract powder, black vinegar, apple vinegar, swine elastin, mangosteen extract powder, swallow's nest enzyme-treated extract, salmon nasal cartilage extract, gelling agent (thickening polysaccharide) , Acidulants, flavors, vitamin C, sweeteners (acesulfame K, sucralose) (including gelatin in some of the raw materials)

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