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Contains 11 kinds of energy materials! Before the important three of the grain of the closure
1) 11 kinds of nourishing ingredients are formulated
2) Malaysian traditional herb Tonkat ant formula, enhancing male function.
3) Reindeer horns, weeping boars, scorpions, fur seals, penis supports male functions
4) Other, combines with various ingredients such as scorpions, scorpions, zinc, arginine
5) Maca, Eurasian sticks are male functions and aging It is a material that helps to prevent.
Product Details
Size and capacity Contents: 3 tablets × 20 packing
number: 24 × 1
shelf life: 3 years
standard Ingredients:
Refined soybean oil, zinc-containing yeast, furling powder, red powder powder, red powder powder, horseradish powder, Ezoukogi powder powder, Tonkat Ali powder powder, Ikasu powder powder, Scorpion powder, Reindeer horn powder powder, Maca 20 times concentrated extract, gelatin, glycerin, beeswax, arginine, glycerin fatty acid ester, caffeine (extract)
Notes [How to eat]
● 1 package (3 tablets) per day, etc. Please eat with water or hot water when eating. ● If you have discomfort in the throat please drink more water. ● Please follow the recommended daily intake.
[Preservation method / precautions]
● Avoid direct sunlight, heat and humidity, and save. ● Please use the opened package at one time. Please keep out of reach of children ●. ● Please fill in the opening date and use it. ● In rare cases, you may not be fit for your constitution, so please stop temporary use if you are not in good shape. ● If you are being treated for illness etc, please consult your doctor before taking. ● Please be careful not to clog the capsule in the throat.
食 Eating habits are based on the staple food, main dishes, side dishes

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