12 sheets cool feet dedicated cooling sheet foot

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  • Product Introduction

    "12 sheets cool feet dedicated cooling sheet foot" is, just stick to the tired feet ●, by the action of the cooling effect and the cooling agent L- menthol of the gel sheet, and to clean and refreshing. ● because it contains a lot of water, the cooling effect is persistent. Gentle to the skin ●, rash difficult ● a bath and, after the after-sport of standing work of Rosemary herbs blending component <when ​​this>, long time, to the night before

    Amethyst DaiMamoru Co., Ltd.

  • Product Use

    - Peel off the transparent film, please put in the part you want to cool. • When the refrigerator such as you put, further cooling effect can be obtained. Please replace it when it is no longer felt the-cold (do please do not put it in the freezer). Hull part of sweat, please use wipe moisture well.

  • Precautions

    - Please keep away from direct sunlight and high temperature location. After opening, the unused portion is placed in the bag, tightly folded open mouth, please keep to the unused portion is not dry. Sheet them attached while wearing shoes and because there can base is attached to the shoes and socks, please note. · Eyes around the, mucous membrane, wound, eczema, please do not use in an area of ​​abnormal skin rash and the like. · Redness, when the skin abnormalities appeared in such as itching, please discontinue use. * This product is not a drug. By moisture contained in the gel causes absorb dissipate heat, it is a sheet capable of obtaining a constant cooling effect.

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amethyst DAIEI


Dimensions (W x H x D):
22.2cm × 12.5cm × 2.5cm
Item Weight:
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