100G refill soap bubble powder shampoo

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  • Product Introduction

    "100G refill soap bubble powder shampoo" is additive-free soap and shampoo of 100% friendly soap base to the hair-scalp. Silicone, synthetic polymers, fragrances, colorants, antioxidants, synthetic surfactant-use. Because the powder type of hollow granular, easy to melt, it is foaming fine in small amounts. Shampoo, of course, is useful, for example, travel so can also be used, such as in washing the face and body wash. Since drained soap is biodegradable in water and carbon dioxide in a short period of time, it is a gentle soap to the environment.

    Bubbles Soap Co., Ltd.

  • Product Use

    ● only pre-washed stone in hot water after brushing, take an appropriate amount (1 teaspoon) in the palm of your hand, and beat well. ● stretched out evenly foam to the entire hair, wash to gently massage in the belly of the finger from the scalp. ● Finally, extend the foam to adjust the flow of the hair, wash the whole hair. And ● there remains a shampoo, it can cause squeak or sticky, please rinse firmly. ● Please adjust the amount depending on the length and quantity of hair. ● Rinse, please use the soap shampoo dedicated rinse. ※ initially switched to soap shampoo, there is a squeaky thing, but you familiar with the hair to continue to use. If strong creak, it is recommended for use with soap and shampoo only rinse.

  • Materials / Ingredients

    Stone Ken foundation

  • Precautions

    ● not be used in conjunction with synthetic shampoo rinse. ● If there is an abnormality in the skin, such as scratches, eczema, do not use. ● rubbing case of contact with eyes, wash thoroughly with water immediately. ● If you do not meet the skin stop using. ● In either case, if an abnormality remains to consult a specialist. ※ because it does not use an anti-oxidant, high temperature and humidity during storage, avoid direct sunlight, please use after opening as soon as possible. ※ may be discolored, but it is not used on the problem.

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Shabondama Soap


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